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Welcome to Kehilat Kesher

Community Synagogue of Tenafly and Englewood

Kesher’s mission is to create a spiritual and respectful place for prayer and textual religious study, to actively participate in communal affairs, to maximize each individual's engagement in Torah study and to transmit Jewish values to the next generation. Our community was founded by eight families who moved to the area in 2000 with a vision to create a tight knit community that was more than just a "shul." Their vision was to create a dynamic, vibrant neighborhood in which people care about each others’ well being, take joy in each other's smachot, and are a comfort to one another during difficult times. These families celebrated all those things in the modern world that complement an Orthodox community. 

In the years that have passed since, those eight families have seen their vision become reality. Now almost 300 families strong, we at Kesher are proud of our welcoming environment and growing community rooted in our mission. Our beautiful building is a meeting place for Tefila, chessed, and learning.

Shavuot 5783 

Below please find the schedule of services, programming and learning opportunities for Shavuot, which will begin God willing on Thursday night, May 25. Shavuot commemorates God's giving of the Torah to the People of Israel. There is no medium of worship on Shavuot - no Matza, no Sukkah or Lulav, no Shofar or Menorah - just us and the Torah. Therefore, especially on Shavuot, our observance of the holiday is heightened with a commitment to the study of Torah.

To that end, on Shavuot there is a centuries-old custom to stay up all night studying Torah, a tradition which Kesher is proud to take part in.

 On Shavuot night at Kesher I'm sure you'll find the presenters fantastic, the topics they'll be discussing interesting and informative, and the togetherness and sense of community second to none. Those of us who join together each year always have an enjoyable and uplifting experience. Join us for all or part of Shavuot learning, together with a delicious dairy kiddush, followed by Shacharit at sunrise.

The learning on Shavuot night this year is once again sponsored by Dr. William Zeitz, in memory of his wife, Dr. Baila Zeitz A"H and by her ​children ​and grandchildren.  May Bill and his family continue to have the zechut of sponsoring this night in her memory for years to come and may all the learning over Shavuot serve as a source for her aliyat neshama.

Please do your best to join us for all or part of the evening!

Thursday night, May 25

Do not forget to make an eruv tavshilin before the chag!

Mincha – 8:05 PM

Between Mincha and Maariv - Rabbi Block

“The Organ Donation Controversy”

We were all moved to see Rabbi Leo Dee and his children listen the heart of their mother a”h beating in the chest of another human being. Lucy Dee had donated her organs to save the life of another, a noble and heroic act. 

But organ donation of all kinds (living and post-living) have been the subject of some controversy in Jewish Law throughout the ages. Why? What are the issues? Join us as we usher in Shavuot with this timely and important discussion. 

The Dr. Baila Zeitz z"l Tikkun Leil Shavuot

(Shavuot All Night Learning Program)

 We will have shiurim throughout the night taking place in the main sanctuary. See the schedule of presenters below. In addition, please note other exciting programs and learning options we’ll be having this year:

Youth Tikkun Leil Shavuot! See separate schedule.

12 - 2 AM — Finish a Masechet of Mishnayot with Rabbi Block!! Adults and teens, join us as we start and finish Mishnayot Masechet Bikkurim, the tractate that deals with the first fruits brought to the Temple in Jerusalem on the holiday of Shavuot. We can do it! If you’re coming, bring your own text if you have, otherwise we will provide copies. 

  1. Bite Sized Source Sheets - Throughout the night, we will have a selection of short learning packets, taking around 15 minutes each, each dealing with a small, bite sized topic. People are welcome to learn with a chavruta, or on their own! Some of the topics that will be available:

    1. We know about the King, but can there be a Jewish Queen?

    2. What’s an “Ayin Hara?”

    3. What should I do if I’m in the middle of the amidah and the congregation gets up to kedushah?


Schedule of Classes for Tikkun Leil Shavuot

11:00 PM – Joe Septimus

Coercion and free will at Sinai:

The dialectic tension that energizes both physics and spirit


12:00 AM - Jeff Rubenstein

"To Give One's Fellow the Benefit of the Doubt": The Story-Cycle in Bavli Shabbat 127b

Bavli Shabbat 127b contains a series of three stories that illustrate the principle of “to give one’s fellow the benefit of the doubt (הדן חבירו לכף זכות).” Read as a unit, the three stories comprise a sophisticated literary composition. We will explore the way the editor created meaning by repeating, varying, changing, and juxtaposing elements of the stories such that the whole makes a statement greater than the sum of its parts.


1:00 AM - Nina Cohen

“You Want a Revolution? I Want a Revelation!” Approaches to Sinai in Jewish Tradition


1:45 AM – Dairy Kiddush!!


2:30 AM – Larry Solomon

Is Judaism Evolving or Fixed?

While the Bible is fixed, human values are always changing. Rabbis have always had to  balance staying true to Judaism vs. incorporating new ideas on right and wrong. We’ll look at examples from the Mishnah and later on topics such as capital punishment, slavery, genocide, and the role of women.  


3:45 AM - Rabbi Block

The OTHER Organ Donation Controversy

It is believed that the first modern organ as an accessory to worship was introduced by Israel Jacobson in a Reform synagogue in Berlin, for Shavuot 1815. Needless to say, it was met with much resistance, by all types of Jews. Join us for this early morning study session, as we trace the use of musical instruments in shul - from the Temple in Jerusalem, to the modern day synagogue.

Shacharit - 4:55 AM

Sunrise - 5:29


Friday, May 26

Second minyan – 9:15 AM (No 8:45 minyan)

3:30-5:00 PM - Pop by for a Popsicle at the Block driveway! (191 Glenwood Road, driveway is on Davison)

Parents and children, pop in for a popsicle at the Blocks! Ice pops, ice cream, and everything in between! Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you a chag sameach while enjoying some frozen deliciousness!

(Will have a mix of dairy and pareve choices)

Mincha followed by abridged kabbalat shabbat - 7:00 PM


Shabbat, May 27

Shacharit Beit Midrash - 8:45 AM

Shacharit Main Sanctuary - 9:15 AM

Megillat Ruth

Yizkor - not before 10:30 AM

Mincha - 8:00 PM

Yom Tov ends - 9:07 PM

Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783