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Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
     4:00p Girl Scouts
       7:30p Stop Bleed First Aid Training Course
       5:30p Tomchei Shabbos Packing
         6:30p Friday Night Dinner
              • 9:00a Rabbi Swap Shabbat: Welcome Rabbi Reichman
              • 8:00p Kayama Book Club Meeting
                         11:30a Girl Scout Cookie Kiddush
                         8:00a Mishloach Manot Packing
                           8:00p Kayama Meeting
                           7:10p Maariv and Megillah Reading
                        • 7:30p Youth Purim Party
                        • 8:45p Women's Megilah Reading
                           10:00a Megilah Reading
                                 8:15p Burgers and Beers
                                    • 6:00p Women's lecture
                                      • 8:00p Birthday Club Gathering
                                              Holidays this Month:
                                              • Today Shushan Purim
                                              • Sat 3/30 Shabbat Mevarchim, Parshat Parah
                                              • Sat 4/6 Rosh Chodesh Nisan, Parshat HaChodesh
                                              Events this Month:
                                              • Tuesday Shacharit, 6:30a, Rabbi Block's Class, 8:15p, Burgers and Beers, 8:15p
                                              • Sat 3/30 Shacharit, 9:15a, Women's lecture, 6:00p
                                              • Mon 4/1 Shacharit, 6:30a, Birthday Club Gathering, 8:00p


                                              Fri, March 22 2019 15 Adar II 5779