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Youth Info

To help our growing congregation connect, the Youth Committee has created WhatsApp groups for parents to use as a resource to get to know the families with child(ren) in the same grade(s). This can be useful in setting up social gatherings (e.g. a grade is meeting up at the playground at a certain time, or a child is thinking about joining a sports league, art class, etc. and wants to see who else is interested). The groups have been set up for babies/toddlers through eighth grade. Below you will find a breakdown of each graduation year with the current corresponding grade listed next to it. Please join these groups. Our hope is that these groups will remain active from year to year. 

While we are lucky to be part of the larger Bergen county Jewish community, this initiative is meant to foster the relationships within Kesher.  Please refrain from forwarding these links. 

We are asking for one parent volunteer for each group to be an Administrator/Moderator of a group.  If you wish to volunteer for this, please reach out to Suzanne Rubin .

Graduation Years

Kesher Class 2022- Boys (8th grade):

Kesher Class 2022- Girls (8th grade):

Kesher Class 2023- Boys (7th grade):

Kesher Class 2023- Girls (7th grade):

Kesher Class 2024- Boys (6th grade):

Kesher Class 2024- Girls (6th grade):

Kesher Class 2025- Boys (5th grade) 

Kesher Class 2025- Girls (5th grade)

Kesher Class 2026- Boys (4th grade):

Kesher Class 2026- Girls (4th grade):

Kesher Class 2027- Boys (3rd grade):

Kesher Class 2027- Girls (3rd grade):

Kesher Class 2028- Boys (2nd grade):

Kesher Class 2028- Girls (2nd grade):

Kesher Class 2029- Boys (1st grade):

Kesher Class 2029- Girls (1st grade):

Kesher Class 2030- K- (Kindergarten):

Kesher Class 2031- Pre- K (Pre-K):

Kesher Class 2032- Nursery (3s/Nursery)

Kesher Babies/Toddlers (2 and under) :

Sat, September 24 2022 28 Elul 5782