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How to Become a Kesher Member! 

Thank you for your interest in Kesher!

Kesher’s mission is to create a spiritual and respectful place for prayer and textual religious study, to actively participate in communal affairs, to maximize each individual's engagement in Torah study and to transmit Jewish values to the next generation. Our community was founded by eight families who moved to the area in 2000 with a vision to create a tight knit community that was more than just a "shul." Their vision was to create a dynamic, vibrant neighborhood in which people care about each others’ well being, take joy in each other's smachot, and are a comfort to one another during difficult times. These families celebrated all those things in the modern world that complement an Orthodox community. 

In the years that have passed since, those eight families have seen their vision become reality. Now over 220 families strong, we at Kesher are proud of our welcoming environment and growing community rooted in our mission. We have just moved into our permanent home and are thrilled about the opportunities it provides as a meeting place for Tefila, chessed, and learning.

The membership dues options at Kesher include:

Basic Full Membership: $1,925

  • Youth Fee: $150 per child per year, (max $450 per year;  for children ages 2  through 18).
  • Building Fund: $10,000, payable in $2,500 annual payments over 4 years (deferred for first year)
  • Security assessment: $250

Trustee Council: $5,000

  • Youth Fee: Waived
  • Annual Building Fund Payment: Waived
  • Security assessment: Waived
  • High Holidays: 2 free adult guests, 3 free child guests

President's Council: $10,000

  • Youth Fee: Waived
  • Annual Building Fund Payment: Waived
  • Security assessment: Waived
  • High Holidays: All guests free

Affiliate Membership:$750

  • Ability to rent facilities

Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime to discuss any 
concerns or questions please contact me at 



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Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780